Consequences of Tooth Loss

Our teeth serve for us a number of different functions. And, problems will start to occur as we begin to lose them. The obvious concern with missing front teeth is the change in our appearance. It is worth noting that each tooth assists in maintaining the alignment of the neighbouring and opposing teeth. With the loss of a single tooth, the other teeth will begin to shift.


With the extraction of several teeth, both speech and chewing efficiency can be affected. Additionally, eating with fewer teeth places increased stress/strain and wear on the remaining ones. With the loss of back teeth (molars) more of the chewing forces are directed to, and absorbed by the jaw joints. This sometimes causes or exacerbates existing: TMJ pain. After a tooth is extracted, the bone that once supported it begins to melt away. When many teeth are lost, the face begins to sink in and the person looks older.Atrophy of the Lower Jaw: Mandible

Atrophy of the Lower Jaw: Mandible

Atrophy of the Upper Jaw: Maxilla

Premature Aging Due to Bone Loss