Guided Bone Regeneration

The long term success of a dental implant is directly related to the health and volume of available into which the implant is placed. When there is a deficiency of bone, it may be possible to re-build it. When larger volumes of bone are necessary for implant placement, a bone transplantation procedure may be required. When smaller volumes of bone demand replenishing, it may be possible to actually “re-grow” bone.

Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a surgical procedure designed to rebuild those smaller defects of the jawbone. The technique involves the use of processed bone graft products (sometimes: “tent screws” and/or growth factors) and a collagen membrane barrier. Depending on a variety of circumstances, GBR can be performed at the time of implant surgery, or it may be implemented a few months in advance of the implant placement.

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